Super Foods and Super Recipes by Candace Morehouse

Super Foods & Super Recipes – Easy Ways to Add Nutritional Powerhouses to Your Diet

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Put away the junk food and forgo the fast food drive-through.These five superfoods are real nutrients for the body. They provide essential vitamins and minerals as well as tons of health benefits – and they may even prevent certain types of cancer! Here are the five superfoods everyone needs to include in their diet, along with easy-to-prepare recipes for each of them that are sure to please your palate while supporting your health and wellbeing.

25_Essential_Ingredients Every Household Needs by Candace Morehouse

25 Essential Ingredients Every Household Needs

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If you couldn’t buy essential items for your home, what would you do? Could you survive without store bought cleaners or remedies? Maybe you just want to live life a bit greener or save money by making household products yourself. Whatever the case, you need to know about the 25 essential ingredients that serve a wide variety of purposes around the home. Includes lots of useful tips and a shopping list.



Whispers of Innocence by Candace Morehouse

Whispers of Innocence

Contemporary Romantic Suspense

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Enoch Smith, a psychotic cult leader, uses more than his flock to execute God’s wrath on a sinful nation. Drake Elliot, US Marshal, returns to Arizona to find those responsible for injuring his son and maiming himself during a violent act to silence an informer. Micki Lewis, a journalist in Tucson, receives a tip regarding the origins of the latest drug to hit Alta Vista, home of Enoch’s Children of God community.

Drake and Micki join forces to uncover the cult’s secrets and its success helping children like Drake’s son recover normalcy. What they find is far worse than drugs coming across the border and provides answers to the shadows that haunt their dreams.

Cover VeilDeception

Veil of Deception

Contemporary Romantic Suspense

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Spenser Lake, Virginia is an ideal place to raise a family. The wonderful people and spectacular vistas are everything Kurt Hawkins has wanted for his wife and son. Beneath the surface of this wonderful community an evil lurks, and no one has a clue why so many, including Kurt’s wife, have gone missing.

Danielle Gillette stayed in Spenser Lake after her husband’s death a decade earlier to pursue a new career as a mystery author. She uses her writing as an excuse to be reclusive and avoid the true circumstances behind her husband’s demise.

Kurt and Danielle meet one stormy night and are drawn together to discover that the serenity of Spenser Lake is merely an illusion. Together they come to the painful realization that sometimes the truth cuts deeper than a lie.

Full Throttle romantic suspense by Candace Morehouse

Full Throttle

Contemporary Romance Suspense

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Phoenix is hot but the bikers are even hotter and Samantha finds this out firsthand after partnering with her cousin to run Dr. Doug’s Mobile Dyno.

Along comes opportunity in the form of Linc Montgomery, a tough, business-savvy, ex-Harley racer and new owner of Full Throttle Custom Cycles in Phoenix.

The challenge is on for Linc as he sets out to seduce Samantha just to prove he can. He doesn’t plan on the interference of his ex-wife and her ex-fiancé – both of whom serve to make him realize that along the way, he has fallen head over heels in love.

Suspicion of Love romance by Candace Morehouse

Suspicion of Love

Edwardian Historical Romance

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At the turn of the century, society is undergoing massive change. After receiving inheriting a share in a London detective agency, Jacqueline Brooks jumps at the chance to forgo marriage and delve into an exciting career with British solicitor and partner, Stephen Haversham. Together they take on a high profile murder case.

Just when Jacqueline thinks the murder has been solved, however, an unexpected turn of events teaches her that not everything, nor everyone, is as it seems. If you love the setting of early Downton Abbey episodes, you’ll love this suspenseful romance!

Golden Enchantment by Candace Morehouse

Golden Enchantment

Western Historical Romance

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When her father dies, Andrea Alexander decides to return home to New Mexico and continue his search for a buried treasure of gold dating back to the days when conquistadores ruled the territory. However, she didn’t count on a mysterious figure shooting at her, a puzzle of clues and the involvement of her very masculine and handsome neighbor, Jake Houston.


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