The growth of social media over the past decade has been phenomenal. Popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter have played a massive role in shaping today’s society. These social media platforms have changed  the way people communicate with each other, find employment, read news, make purchases and support popular entertainment stars. Social media has not only integrated into everyday life, but has also become a major player in business marketing strategies.

Who’s on Social Media?


Everyone from high-profile celebrities and well-known global brands incorporate social media into their marketing strategy. Social media is used to promote their brand as well as connecting them and enabling them to engage with their target audience. A large portion of their success has been through the successful implementation of different social media platforms into their marketing strategy. The most popular brands on Facebook are Coca-Cola, Disneyland and FC Barcelona. The most followed brands on Twitter include Chanel, Museum of Modern Art and the NBA. The most famous person on Facebook is football star Cristiano Ronaldo with 114,661,020 likes and the most famous pop star on Twitter is Katy Perry with 90,351,047 followers.


The average person might not approach anywhere near the numbers of important political figures, major brands or entertainment icons. It is still safe to say that social media is now an integral part of most people’s daily personal and business lives. It is used for work, to socialize and for entertainment.

What the Statistics Say


Facebook was  first launched in 2004 and in 2015 Facebook boasted 22% of worldwide mobile internet advertising revenue.

Today Facebook has a total of 1.59 billion users, distantly followed by Instagram with 400 million and Twitter with 350 million. Roughly 70% of Facebook’s users login everyday and 18% can’t even go a few hours without checking their feed. As a whole 59% of the North American population are regular social media users, with around half of South America, Europe, Oceania and East Asia following suit. When half of the developed world is doing something, it’s hard for it not to have a major impact.


The scale that Facebook reaches on a global scale is staggering. In just one minute on users generate over 4 million likes on Facebook and 435,000 tweets on Twitter. On Snapchat there is over 8,796 new photos snapped and 4,000 shares on Facebook every second. This data provides evidence behind why businesses are predicted to spend upwards of $17.34 billion on social media marketing in 2019. Social media is a main pastime to how people in modern society are choosing to spend their time.


Social media has become a key factor in influencing purchase decisions. Studies have reported that 43% of social media users use Pinterest to find additional product information and 35% discover new products through Twitter. It was also reported that 37% of shoppers use Facebook to keep up to date with sales alert. Facebook has been reported as the number one social media platform that is most  likely to influence purchase decisions.

For the complete list of 115 facts, be sure to check out the full infographic below. It explores in more detail how social media is being integrated into people’s personal and professional lives. It reveals just how big the social media phenomenon has become.

Note: This post was provided courtesy of Skilled, whose talented folks created this social media infographic and originally published it on their site.

115 social media facts

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